Except for Baarbara
Except for Baarbara Feb 02

Except for Baarbara

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Except for Baarbara. I really like her so much that I immediately closed my match so she would not leave lol. I don't even take the opportunity with the idea bubble.They look in your home if you are away for a certain amount of time. You walk over them to kill them. They are not catchable.

Have not played since may. Reunite in yesterday and experienced the roaches. Spent 5 minutes trying to locate my net until I remembered you couldn't have your internet equipped in the Home

Weeds do not grow back at precisely the exact same rate as past games too, I've noticed. I went months without playing there and there were only a little handful to wash up, took no time in any way. Usually they are everywhere.There's a maximum limit to weeds and once it's hit they all just stay the way they are until some get chosen iirc.

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