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Oh you sweet summer child

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I'm sure someone said it but how they're all sitting together drinking coffee and Brewster still hasn't come into the match is a slap in the face lol. Still adorable, and playing the game, but lacking some fundamental important characters. I expect year 2 focuses more on these matters vs events. I want to enjoy Island LIFE not only Island design.

The weird thing is... there's more object interactions compared to previous games, but there is way far less interaction with the show basic: residents. Everyone's repetitive and shallow as hell in comparison to preceding titles.Literally haven't played this game because they added swimming in the summer upgrade. Ran out of stuff to do.

Oh you sweet summer child. This is the case with every game that requires NSO for internet. Probably the same situation for Playstation and Xbox though? Like there is no way she is paying for a service when she only wanted to sell turnips online or something.Not the principal point of your comment but, at least Xbox, if you are a Gold user and produce an Xbox your main account (similar to getting a NSO account and making a console your primary console), then every account that signs on that console has access to online gaming. . Contrary to Nintendo Switch.

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