This likely contributes to more debate about the portability
This likely contributes to more debate about the portability Nov 06

This likely contributes to more debate about the portability

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I had the exact same fear but as soon as I began Skilling a bit I got addicted again. I left the afternoon of RS3 launch and I still have never logged into rs3. I have a Max combat account using a few different 99s in it so I feel the hassle of having to do things over again in 07 but in precisely the same time that it's almost nostalgic to train and that I still get that Hurry getting levels again. Restarting really sucks but after I started playing I could not stop. The mobile release has truly helped. I am able to play Anywhere making it very easy. It is nice to be able to skill while on lunch break.

Curious to know if anybody's in the beta and your ideas on whether you will use it and if you believe it'll be a victory. Also, do you believe Jagex are prepared for the world of mobile which is susceptible to cheating because the regular game? I can only assume they're working to ensure people can't cheat but I can't see all of their preventative steps working. I'm personally looking forward to playing on the move. I believe I could deal with the game in that capability, whereas sitting down and playing it just isn't my thing. Particularly when there are several other games to play.

This likely contributes to more debate about the portability and also together with the successes of this nintendo switch I can see why cellular are a good way to get people interested. Although I do think if Jagex begin gearing Runescape towards mobile users you will see even more micro-transactions and casual gaming illustrations. I also believe RS are a vastly different cellular game than most - mechanics-wise and due to the truth that it originated online. I would assume better performance would exist for people that play online, but maybe my mindset is overly narrow. I simply can not see myself risking my items going bossing or even PVPing.

There is also the"wait 10 seconds upon logout" thing which to me could feel sort of weird on mobile. Most cellular games you can just leave out of and resume later in the event that you need to go do something real fast. If you are fighting a monster you need to wait until it dies, then escape this aggro place, then wait 10 minutes to log off. It's a little annoyance, but it would create all PVM/PVP uses on cellular enormously different than any other mobile game. I don't understand how the new players will react to that.

Hi! So... I created this Issue, since I did need to speak something about Guthix; God of Balance and Nature. I hope people says something , state what to they consider it what can I say now. I made this Issue, and that I know Guthix is lifeless, OR IS HE REALLY DEAD? Now I say what do I consider Guthix: I believe Guthix is the only god who belongs to Gielinor, because he did so much good for this. I want balance, and that I followed Guthix, therefore I can not believe Guthix is so dead; I made my own theory.

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